373546_108445479186532_859158703_nTHE HOLDING ATLAS METHOD

Always remember:  “muscles move bones, bones do not move muscles”.  If a bone is not where it is suppose to be (vertabrae included): a muscle is the reason.  Bones do not move on their own.  If you know the correct muscles (soft tissue) to release, you can move any vertabrae or bone back to balance permanently. This is not chiropractic.

Now offering Atlas/Axis soft tissue relocation training programs. For more information visit our Training Page or (click here).

Scotty Holding (formerly with atlasprofilax) has developed an advanced treatment that relocates the Atlas/Axis and balances the entire spine and pelvis. The procedure relocates the Atlas/Axis to their natural position in one treatment. This simple and profound technique immediately activates a self healing within the individual. It is holistic in nature promoting wellness and rejuvenation in the “BODY” and the “MIND”. Read more